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    More Germany. More Europe. More Africa. More Asia. More Business. More Sci-Tech. More Environment. More Arts. More Sports. This service is designed for people with language difficulties, making it ideal for anyone wanting to learn German online. Der Spiegel is a German weekly news magazine, with a circulation of more than one million. If you are unable to gain access to a hard copy print of the magazine, check out the articles featured on Spiegel.

    Neon targets a younger audience, using an aesthetically pleasing spread and covering topics ranging from cultural issues, to band write ups. It never hurts to have a dictionary on hand when learning a language, whether in hard copy, or online.

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    The following resources may help in adding to your vocab list or deciphering the meaning of unfamiliar words or phrases. Navigate to the German version to read articles on just about anything you fancy! Although most information found on Wikipedia should be taken with a grain of salt, it still makes for good German reading practice.

    Other works of German Modernism

    Hurraki is an German online dictionary that works in a similar vein to Wikipedia, with an emphasis on plain language. It is an online community where people are able to add and edit articles in simple German. The website is designed to be easy to reference and read. A brilliant way to get German reading practice is to re-read books you have already read in your native language. By picking books that are already familiar to you, you may find it easier to translate the stories and keep in the loop with what is going on. If you grew up devoted to the Harry Potter series and devoured the books in your youth, why not try reading them in German?

    As the story will be familiar to you, you will find it easier to translate what it is you are reading. If you wish to delve deeper into the world of German culture, take up the challenge of reading novels written by German speaking authors.

    Franz Kafka was a famous novelist of the 20th century, publishing both books and short stories. Die Verwandlung or The Metamorphosis is one of his most celebrated novels, that can be purchased in a dual-language format. It too can be bought online as a dual-language book, making it ideal for intermediate learners. Rowling, penning fantasy tales for young adults.

    • Les Complaisances du coeur (ROMAN) (French Edition).
    • Gotas de ánimo, Fortaleza y Optimismo (Practilibros) (Spanish Edition).
    • WEREWOLF: Big Daddy;
    • Tintenherz or Inkheart is the first book of a trilogy about a young girl and her father, who have the ability to bring characters to life by reading a story aloud. Chaos ensues! If the idea of reading an entire novel in a foreign language is a bit too overwhelming for you at this point in your language education, consider reading short stories instead. It explores the daily life in the German capital, offering insights about the country and people from a foreign perspective.

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      The text is targeted at beginners and aims to help language learners build upon their knowledge of isolated words and phrases, to understanding how these can be worked into sentences. Wladimir Kaminer is a Russian-born German short story writer. Although Russian is his first language, his entire literary output is in German. In describing what it is he writes about, Kaminer claims to make notes about the world, the past, present and future, social reality and life observed through the eyes of a migrant.

      His first book Russian Disco , is a series of short, autobiographical essays about life in Berlin just after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Use this book as a resource for German reading practice, as well as a direct account of what life was like during one of the most exciting and rapidly changing times in modern German history.

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