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Connect with Us. Despite their rows of sharp teeth and powerful jaws, crocodile mating is a surprisingly gentle affair according to Mr Mucci.

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Tennis Players will wear white and play the first game with wooden racquets. The audience was ardently respectful, taking care not to gab over the exquisite silences or clink glasses over the heartbreakingly narrative vocals. Plus they sounded even stronger and more confident live than I've ever heard them.

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Frontman Mat Brooke even stood the entire time, the vocals were louder, they smiled and they even dressed up for us. Decked out in ties and pressed shirts, they looked absolutely spiffy. There is little sexier than tattoos peeking out from dress shirts. I'm not sure if it was the holiday or if their excitement about the fact that the next show they played would be on their NATIONAL tour, but it was the most comfortable and assured I've ever seen them.

It is safe to say that this was my favorite of their performances. I am not just saying that because I labeled them my Valentine's Day date, either. But now that I mention it, just for the record — if you've never done the "date with a band" thing before… you should. Being on a date with five people is great. It is usually someone else's turn to run to the bar and the conversation never gets boring.

Signs and swoons. The Carissa-ed violin resonated like heartbreak, and the keyboards echoed to hope. Was there anyone who didn't find some source of inspiration from this performance? If only I were a poet, I'd write an "Ode to Carissa" instead of some silly music review that will never do them justice. I'd write it in iambic pentameter, and it would make you yearn 'til your heart ached.

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But since I'm not, I will instead provide some wise words from some of the cooler cats who we talked to at the show, as we weren't the only ones enamored with the Wierd ones that night…. Taking love to new heights with special cliffside wedding photo.

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