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Untutored fool. What would be a good placeholder name for mass that we know to be there, but is not seen in visible light? Take your time, dumbo. Neutrinos aren't seen, thicko. Go away. Get an education beyond primary school. If I get a cat scratch in a dark alley, my obvious conclusion is that it was a black cat, not a devvul or a space alien. Again, are we done here? Teh stoopit it burnz. I linked to mainstream article supporting everything I said, mate; so, effectively you are calling mainstream info "drivel". Not good. You may feel better; but you are remaining wilfully ignorant by not reading crucial info so that you may avoid ranting like an ignorant troll.

There are some very complicated issues of galaxy formation. Unfortunately, here is the same problem as with the stars. The origin of galaxies remains unclear, in spite of huge activity in the field. What the "formation" means?

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It means that we have the material that is assembling into galaxies. That's what science is all about, mate. Glad you agree. Always good to hear you're good, mate. It helps get the point across to the readers irrespective of their science background.

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Added to the list. You lied again LiarRC. You misquoted another reference.

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Stop lying. And there it is, folks, the Da Schneib nastiness introduced without cause by the nasty troll himself, as usual. How can such an unheeding troll ever learn from his many faux pas? What else could it be? They settled theirselves firmly into physorg - not to discuss the Science topics in order to come to a valid conclusion without animosity and mayhem - but to give the impressions to one and all that these 4 losers are the best of the lot and already KNOW all there is to know - as nonparaleil as could be.

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They lie because they like to tell lies. This is LiarRC's standard MO: declare something true for which the only evidence is statements made by it previously that didn't have any supporting evidence in the first place. It lies. In damn near every post.


Are these the same "peoples with a lot of science background" who fell for bicep2 crap hook-line-and-sinker, Ira? Whydening Gyre. I do not see any evidence for Gravitational Attraction gaining any strength at a distance, I certainly never saw it since you're on ignore again for lying again.

I note that Ira has already asked why you inserted your own commentary in the link you claimed to be quoting. Looks like lying to me. Just sayin'. I am fine too. Thanks for asking. Laissez le bon temps rouler, oui? Yes Yes - glad that you agree that Donald J.

L k at all the good things he has done, Ira - a lot better than having 4 more years of BHO and high taxes if the Hellary had won the election in Will you volunteer to "Build the Wall", Ira. Americans need that wall for protection, Ira.

I think that deep inside, you know it too. Auvoir, mis ami. When you quote something, either it says what you said when someone goes and looks at it or it doesn't. If it does you're telling the truth. If it doesn't you're lying. Figure it out. So there ain't no two ways about it,,,, you falsified the article you put up the link to. Have you no shame? But of course you don't, else you wouldn't continue to wander into this science site ever again. That's your problem not mine, mate. Since you are unheeding and make trolls based on ignorance due to your ignoring things, that's your main problem, DS.

And that's your secondary problem, DS; you depend on 'hearsay' from a self-confessed nincompoop bot-voting and trolling on a science site, and you use that misleading impression to 'justify' your own mistakes against me. See, DS?


It's the ignore-and-insult MO that has let you down. If you had actually paid close attention and in context to what I have been telling you, you wouldn't need that bot-voting nincompoop's hearsay at all. The true scientist must do their own due diligence, irrespective of 'source'.

Ira, what do you think mainstream astrophysicists are implying when they speak of ultra-high-energy processes 'shredding' matter to pieces and even down to quark-gluon plasma states within the disc-polar-jet systems? What do you think happens to the lead nuclei collided at the LHC and producing all sorts of sub-atomic 'fragments' and even quark-gluon plasma? Do you still need 'spoonfeeding', Ira? Seriously, mate? You now resort to that lame 'tactic' to evade the point that the quantification and the phenomena I spoke of is covered in that link?

I was correct and NOT "lying". That's the point.

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That is your most grievous false step, DS; and you have been repeating such false steps for years now. It would be appreciated. De rien Cher. I hope you are doing as good as I am,,, I am doing so good I almost feel guilty. If I was the late night comedian Skippy I might agree with that. But he is entertaining guy, eh? Most really stupid people who think they are the smartest guy in the room are entertaining like that.