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Whether it is stories from the immigrants, the first riders of the transcontinetnal railroad, the railroad workers, or the Congressmen who authorized the land grants, he quotes extensively from letters and speeches.

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In fact, he might go overboard in the quoting department; I would have appreciated more analysis of some of the statements. Brown does include some very choice, precient statements though.

I learned a lot from this book, both about American history and the railroads. In large part, the railroads made the modern west—I 80 follows the path of the Union Pacific, and Colorado Springs was founded because a railroad magnate owned chunks of land around the area.

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In this exciting sequel to Coon Creek, Elias Bunt and his family are once again uprooted from their home - this time by the ravages of the Great Depression. The sprawling story of a Czech-American family's determined struggle and unforgettable odyssey from the hunger and hardship of Eastern Europe, across the cold and gray Atlantic in steerage, and on into America's growing cities and isolated farms.

Lonesome Whistle Blow: A Novel of Hard Times

Japheth Bunt, a veteran of that war, is a man who lives to hunt and drink at the expense of honest work. No ones ideal of a husband or a father.

Hannah Bunt, of pioneer stoc Hannah Bunt, of pione Seasons of Harvest begins a great, sweeping epic of the early Southwest. The story introduces young Neska, and the spirited captive girl, Walking Moon, as the ancient Anasazi begin the long trek from their distant cliff house dwellings to the timeles Shadows on the Land is the third and final volume of the Corrales Valley Trilogy. The story resumes near the turn of the twentieth century, and follows the final tragedy of the Bonneau brothers and the coming of age of Gaetano Perna.

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