Mailbox Money! A step-by-Step Guide to Licensing Your Invention for Royaltie$.

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But there is more to Rovinj than beachfront chic and those wanting to explore the delights of the region will find that Rovinj is an excellent base, all the year round. Well worth an excursion is the nearby town of Pula which has an impressive Roman amphitheatre the 6th largest in the world and art deco market. Another highlight is a visit to Motovun, a dramatic hilltop-style town which stages an international film festival every August.

Part of the Venetian Empire for over draped in cypress trees and olive groves. In the open- or sailing.

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The Italian influence is much stronger here than anywhere else in Croatia, and the central square is edged with lively cafes and restau- rants spreading out on to a charming harbour City of ROVINJ. Our business consists on the one hand of the Entertainment Properties driven by TV exposure and Theatrical releases, on the other hand the fashion-driven Design Rights. Plus Licens has in addition during the last few years been appointed the pan-European agent of several design-driven properties.

Due to the fact that Plus Licens has been entrusted with the licensing rights to entertainment properties of more major international media companies, in more countries, than any other licensing company in Europe, we have over the years been able to develop thousands of relationships that today translate into an unrivalled clout in the mar- ketplace.

We hope you will join us! Ultra link exibits as a property seller for TV rights and merchandising for all territories. Professor Balthazar is a pleasant scientist in a city with unusual inhabitants.

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They all turn to him for help on their equally unusual problems. You just need to follow the trail of the smile and good deeds, and listen to the faraway, cheerful song in the wind. Our team of veteran journalists collectively have more than 50 years of reporting on the 29 countries of New Europe.

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It is the inevitable source of information for ambitious, educated, mobile people that contains the most relevant reviews of economics and finances. As a leading media and authority for Croatian business people, Business.

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Provocative and research based approach to the topics that Business. Biz is the only trade website dedicated to the UK and European licensing market — boasting a 20, readership every single day. It offers email news service, online features and brand profiles.

Covers toys, sport, fashion, food and much more. By far the dominant B2B info source for licensing professionals. Guide to the Licensing World E-mail: richard licensingworld. Website: www. TN6 1PA. The Guide to the Licensing World is the most comprehensive international directory that guides you through the world of licensed product merchandising. Need to know who owns a licence? Who to contact to distribute a licensed product? This book has all the answers and covers the entire world! It also lists licensees, specialist services, trade publications and trade-show calendars.

The licensing and mer- chandising industry moves billions of dollars of products every year and is one of the fastest growing segments of retailing. Catch up with all the latest changes and find the hottest properties. Come along to our booth to get your copy of the Guide to the Licensing World and receive the edition free when published in January Ira was a rock critic for 20 years and a prominent entertainment industry and media analyst.

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Ira also serves as an assistant adjunct professor of marketing at New York University. EPM newsletters and analysts are widely recognized for their expertise in spotting trends, analyzing new develop- ments, and understanding and interpreting consumer behavior and attitudes. Marketers from licensing and entertainment companies, brands, agencies and retail organizations come to EPM for industry intelligence, ideas and contacts to help them increase new business deals, partnerships, techniques and overall campaign success. Total Licensing Ltd E-mail: francesca totallicensing.

Published quarterly, Total Licensing is the leading magazine for the worldwide licensing community. The maga- zine now has readers from countries together with advertisers from 30 territories. Within each issue, Total Licensing covers news, features and territory profiles together with in-depth trade show previews and reviews from as far a field as New York, London, Dubai, Tokyo Hong Kong and Europe. The maga- zine also covers different licensing sectors including entertainment, brands, sports, art and design etc.

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Total Licensing is published in digital and printed formats. Over the last year, the magazine has led the way in promoting licensing activities to its worldwide audience of licensees, manufacturers, retailers and others. The magazines are available at no cost online at www. In only one year, the site has become one of the fastest grow- ing sites in the U. The principals in the company have a combined years of experience in the toy and licensing industries in publishing, marketing, manufacturing and research.

They are considered industry leaders in the U. Crier Media Group d. E-mail: crier crier. Progressive Magazine is designed for the entire Croatian trade of consumer goods, from large supermarkets to small independent shops, and from large manufacturers to regional wholesalers. Crier Media Group as an international publisher of business to business publication covering the region office in Serbia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria, which enables fast and efficient information exchange. The London office is in charge of the coordination office of the region as well as long-term special projects link in the Potato and Baker.

Our company in Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Serbia are perennial prominent and influential business to business publishers in their countries. Using the advantages of the fact that we are part of the media group that publishes several magazines world famous specijalziranih supplied are offering newest highly specialized business information specific activities, not only transition countries but also economies of western countries and the Far East.

Progressive magazine read by all entities associated with this industry - independent dealers, supermarket managers, wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers. It is printed in 16, copies of which 1, copies are distributed in for Slovenia and BiH. We stress that the Progressive magazine and distributed free by mail, and one of the values that distinguishes us from other media is targeted reading audience through our highly specialized editions communicate messages in this extremely important and rapidly growing economic branch. E-mail: francesca totallicensing.

PMR is a British-American company providing market information, advice and services to international business- es interested in Central and Eastern Europe as well as in other emerging markets. With over thirteen years of experience, high international standards in projects and publications, highly skilled multilingual staff and a wide network of co-operating research companies and market experts, PMR is one of the largest companies of its type in the region.

PMR Consulting www. PMR Consulting offers a unique combination of the advice and experience of successful British, American and local business professionals. PMR Research www. It offers a full array of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, providing services such as customer satisfaction studies, brand awareness and brand image research, distribution and competition studies, segmentation analyses, field- work, online surveys and customised analyses of selected branches of the economy.

PMR Publications www. Publications by PMR analyse the business climate in the region, in particular in the construction, retail, IT, telecommunications and pharmaceutical sectors. PMR Publications offers both free and paid subscription newsletters, internet news portals, and in-depth reports.

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PMR also runs popular business information portals about Central and Eastern European countries as well as other emerging markets. PMR www. PMR key areas of operation include business publications, consultancy and market research. Audience members will walk away with ideas on how to increase creativity and innovation in their own organization. How should companies approach and structure their business in emerging markets? What is best practice for companies that want to step up the effort and do more in emerging markets? Which regions and countries offer the best sales and profit opportunities in the short, medium and longterm?

Foreign acquired content also plays an important role for local TV channels. Dieckmann, VP Licensing, FremantleMedia As one of the biggest TV Production company and world wide ancillary operations we will present international samples and strategies on how to successfully emotialise marketing campaigns with known TV as well as Non TV brands. As the brand owner of i.

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We will look at how to define and analyze a brand and how to manage expansion in ways that balance and build on consumer perceptions and relationships while generating revenue through licensing. How important is character licensing to the global toy industry? Selecting the right character license. What drives the sales of licensed toys? Maximising profitability of licensed toys. Synergy between license character and the product - Labelling standard product - Developing distinctive toys relating to the positioning.